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Let us support you through the global low-carbon transition and fight against fuel poverty.

Our ambition is to leverage several years’ experience gathered across various industries to support the development of renewable energy and other new technologies. We firmly believe that the development of these industries is a pivotal solution for alleviating fuel poverty in the lesser developed regions of the world. In essence, we intend to contribute by availing technical excellence and relevant experience to projects within the developed and developing world alike. 

Low-Carbon Transition
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We Meet Deadlines

We understand the potentially costly implications across the supply chain when deadlines are not met.

Value Services

We offer competitive rates while tailoring our services to meet the requirements and budget of each project.

Accuracy Driven

We always apply rigorous and accurate analytical processes to avoid over-engineering while reducing project costs.

Chartered Engineers

Specialists are chartered/qualified engineers with advance-level CDEGS certification.

Safety-First Approach

You can be assured that the personnel safety of all associated stakeholders is at the forefront of our services.


Without allegiances to installers, suppliers and manufacturers, we can offer impartial solutions and services.

CDEGS - Advance level certified specialists

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